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I am relatively new to Gurnett Farm, having moved here in late May – but I can honestly say that moving is one of the best decisions I have ever made. From my very first day, I was made to feel welcome and my mare (who is a diva Welsh D) settled in really well too.

It is the friendliest yard I have been on – there is always someone to hack with, or just have a chat to after work. We have enjoyed many hacks, gallops around the field and setting up a mini jump competition in the field. We also help each other out at shows etc and there is a fairly active social calendar too! Simon and Christina are brilliant – you can tell they genuinely care about their liveries and consult with us on all the new developments, asking our opinions on what is best, which is very exciting! Coming back from a hack to find the picnic bench set up with glasses of wine and pizza for us all was also a lovely surprise.

The whole yard is immaculate and well cared for, with large airy stables, tonnes of storage space and the fields are lovely too.  It was really important to me to find safe, all year turnout and Gurnett Farm has beautiful, post and rail fences with plenty of natural shelter from hedges and trees, and automatic water troughs. The fields are cared for, rotated and rolled/harrowed regularly and we all share the poo-picking between us so it’s never a big job. All of the horses are very calm and settled living in small groups and all seem very content. The fields also boast amazing views – I am actually quite jealous that my horse gets to live there and not me!

I also love the hacking from Gurnett Farm – you can ride a different route every day if you want, adding on additional leafy lanes, or going further afield to Macclesfield Forest and Tegg’s Nose. There are plenty of pubs on route too which makes a day in the saddle very enjoyable!

I could honestly sing the praises of this yard all day! I was new to the area in February and although the first yard I found was nice, it was so large that it felt a bit impersonal and I missed decent hacking. I am so glad that someone recommended Gurnett Farm to me. But beware Chissy and Simon – you’ll never get rid of me and Luna now!

- Sarah Forrest, Bollington, Cheshire


I kept my beautiful mare Gemma at Gurnett farm from 1993 until she passed away in 2012, and had also had another horse on loan prior to having my own horse. In more recent times I had a horse on an agreed short term loan and I was made to feel most welcome on my return. 

During all my “years” at Gurnett farm I had a wonderful time and I have made some life long friendships. I have always enjoyed hacking out in the beautiful countryside around Sutton and Langley and have also trekked across to Kerridge through “Quiet Lanes”. Macclesfield Forest is nearby where there are fabulous views from Nessit Hill. I never tired of hacking up to the various bridle paths up in the forest and in the ever changing seasons. 

We always had a very sociable time riding out with the other girls on the yard and we arranged outings to various local shows/pony club events and national competitions and cross country events. 

The facilities at Gurnett Farm are spacious with plenty of room to store all feed and bedding for the winter allowing you to buy in bulk and obtain the best prices. There is also secure tack room. 

The fields were well maintained and have the benefit of self filling water troughs which were a real bonus during the hot summers. 

A very friendly and well maintained yard with lots of exciting plans for the future. 

Good Luck and Thank You Chrissy and Simon 

Sue Thatcher 

- Sue Thatcher, Sutton, Cheshire

I kept my horse and my daughter's pony with Chrissy and Simon for 7 1/2 happy years - if you are looking for a small friendly yard with good fencing and mains fed water troughs that is kept very clean and tidy, with plenty of storage space then this is the yard for you. We also enjoyed regular days out to events such as Badminton and Chatsworth, and had some great BBQs and Bonfire parties at the yard, and a good night out for Xmas each year too - I can honestly say that I have made some lifelong friends through having my horses at Gurnett Farm.

- Karen Fryer, Sutton, Cheshire