BHS Approved Livery Yard

Gurnett Farm Livery


With our core values in mind: progressive, passionate, personal, respect, we plan our future as a business, but not on our own. Discussing ideas and plans for the future of Gurnett Farm with our liveries on the yard, is sometimes surprising, but always rewarding. 2018 was a very challenging time for GFL but we're never satisfied with our previous achievements! We refuse to stand still and always look to improve. So below is what Gurnett Farm Livery will hope to offer in 2019….

BHS Approval.

A dedicated shower/spa area including a Solarium.

CCTV across the premises.

Permanent, equestrian lighting for the Arena.

Not much to do then!

Best regards

Chrissy & Simon

Previous goals & achievements - 2018

2018 - 2nd quarter - Gurnett Farm Livery becomes BHS Approved.

A real test to become BHS approved but we're now an 'Approved' livery yard. GFL excelled in horse welfare and customer care gaining 'highly commended' status in both these areas! Nothing but the best?

Previous goals & achievements - 2017

2017 - 4th quarter - temporary Arena light.

At considerable expense, we bought a portable, temporary Arena light. This was purchased due to a delay in submitting planning for our fixed Arena lighting system. Our portable light, the K10 RiteLite with additional tripod stands 4.5 metres tall, requires no planning permission and gives sufficient workable light for up to 4 hours!


2017 - 4th quarter - 'Hippo' portable hot horse shower. 

Hot water on the go to wash your horse down. We hope to incorporate this gas powered shower into our proposed 'GFL Spa' area mid 2018.

2017 – 2nd quarter – remote control electric gate with keypad access. 

Securing the yard further this electric gate can be operated by all of our GG's using a remote control or keypad.

2017 – 1st quarter – ‘Health & Safety’ – boring yes but necessary. 

All done! Correct safety signs, fire extinguishers etc. all placed with the guidance of a very horsey lady from the NFU! This will help as we push for BHS Approval.

Previous goals & achievements - 2016

December 2016 – new Cavalletti jumps.

As promised and after a successful 2016 ‘Gurnett Farm Summer Show,’ we will buy new Cavalletti jumps for the arena. 

Summer 2016 - construct 20x40 arena.

With all the facilities we offer, this would be the ‘icing on the cake!’ Many hours have gone into researching this. Employing the best people to design the facility and ensuring only quality materials are used during construction. Our goal, subject to planning, is to have this arena functional by Summer 2016.

Spring 2016 – convert existing barn.

Using a high standard of supplier, more than likely Monarch Equestrian, we will provide five 12x12 lose boxes plus tack room. This will be, as our main barn, 'light and airy’ giving the best possible facility for you and your horse.

Previous goals & achievements - 2015

2015 – 2nd – 3rd quarter – refurbish main stable block to a high standard. 

Including, repairs to roof and watertight, new fascia boards, new guttering, clean exterior, ‘refresh’ stables interior and provide a seventh stable to the left of the tack room.

2015 -2nd – 3rd quarter – open Green Barn during summer.

Exclusively open to our GGs, a 15-acre facility for you and your horse to let off steam!