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Adaptive Livery


Here at Gurnett Farm Livery we know that every horse is different. We also understand that every livery has their own ‘unique’ request, so who are we to decide? Full livery? Assisted? DIY? Part? What’s your take on all of these services? 

Personal experiences tell us that most have their own idea of what these services are and what should be included. Through research, it’s clear that personal interpretations of these services range tremendously and don’t necessarily cater for 'personal' wants or needs. We remain totally fluid to the needs of our liveries and to what their horse requires. Working closely with our liveries we adapt quickly to offer the required care. 

We also understand that sometimes personal circumstances do change and things may crop up. Therefore we pride ourselves on offering an 'individual' livery service allowing our liveries to dip in & out as and when. Our livery service is ‘bespoke’ geared to each horse and its owner. Tying people in to Full, assisted, part, DIY is not what we’re about. 

Just to give a flavour of our 'bespoke’ service, we offer not one, but ‘THREE’ brands of bedding for you to choose from. Not bad for a place that only has space for ten horses! The rest? Well, you'll have to contact us and arrange a visit to find out more!  

Prices start from just £175.00 per month for a GFL stable. This includes daily access to our Arena with 'tailor made' packages available on request.

Bespoke, tailor made, adaptive...

Welcome to Gurnett Farm Livery.